Basic Policy

I. Developing Communities

1. Creating prosperity that ties in with regional vitality.
2. Promoting community development by acting as an independent intermediary body within the community.
3. Regional revitalization efforts conducted through emphasis of local appeal.

II. Developing People

1. Cultivating the next generation of men and women who will carry their communities into the future.
2. Cultivating leaders who are capable of creating beautiful, vibrant communities.

III. Developing JCs

1. Promoting increased membership and interchange between members.
2. Efforts to disseminate the JC movement both far and wide.
3. Conducting regular meetings that are memorable and resonate in people’s hearts.
4. Promoting the refined administration of the Chamber.
5. Building a bright future for the Fukuyama JC.

《Activities Spearheaded by Executive Committees》

1. The Rose Festival and the Summer Festival.
2. Membership drives.

《Activities Spearheaded by the Chamber》

1. The Public Relations Committee.

《External Organizations and Activities in Which We Participate as an LOM》

1. The Kyoto Conference (Kyoto)
2. ASPAC (Manila)
3. The Chugoku Regional Conference (Okayama)
4. The 2011 Summer Conference (Yokohama)
5. The 41st Hiroshima Block Members Conference (Fuchu)
6. The 60th National Members Conference (Nagoya)
7. The JCI World Congress (Brussels)
8. JCI, Japan JC, regional and block organizations and activities.

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