Basic Policy

I. The contribution to a community

1. Promoting truly worthwhile community development by acting as a role beyond an independent intermediary body.

2. Promoting projects which contribute to realization of peaceful welfare for human beings.

3. Regional revitalization efforts conducted through active participation in festivals.

II. Promotion of human-resources development

1. Cultivating human resources who are capable of demonstrating strong leadership.

2. Cultivating the next generation leaders of men and women who will carry their communities into the future.

III. Strengthening of a management base

1. Active efforts to promote increased membership leading to a future.

2. Promotion of exchange programs according to their intended purposes.

3. Establishing a supporting system smoothly offering and sharing information.

Activities Spearheaded by Executive Committees and the Chamber

1. The 26 th JCI Academy

2. The Rose Festival, the Summer Festival and the Autumn Festival

3. Membership drives.

4. R313

5. Third party school assessment promotion

External Organizations and Activities in Which We Participate as an LOM

1. The Kyoto Conference (Kyoto)

2. ASPAC (South Korea: Guanzhou)

3. The Chugoku Regional Conference (Okayama:Tuyama)

4. Summer Conference (Yokohama)

5. Hiroshima Block Members Conference (Otake)

6. The 62th National Members Conference (Nara)

7. The JCI World Congress (Rio de Janeiro)

8. JCI, Japan JC, regional and block organizations and activities.