Greeting from the President

I would express my sincere gratitude to you all who are very regardful to JCI Fukuyama.

In July last year, we successfully hold the 26th JCI Academy in Fukuyama where future leaders got together from 65 countries over the world. I deeply appreciate you for your understanding, support and cooperation under the circumstance of the Academy.

JCI Fukuyama has joined the flow of international opportunities, such as the appearance of 2011 JCI President from JCI Fukuyama, as well as hosting the JCI Academy in Fukuyama last year. Accordingly, we could gain a lot of precious experience through the international situations. This year, 2014, we reaffirm our resolve to work on our daily activities to join what we have learnt through our experience and valuable projects to create future in our community by using a network established domestically and internationally.

JCI is an organization for community and human development, and consists of members up to 40 years old, most of whom are business people. We should realize our responsibility to lead the next generation. I am willing to make impacts on our community with several opportunities to create better future. With regard to our projects or our organization, we would be grateful, if you could send us your voice on our website or Facebook in order to make JCI Fukuyama needed in our community.

Lastly, we look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation toward activities by JCI Fukuyama.

Yusuke Kitamura

2014 JCI Fukuyama President