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Greeting from The 2016 JCI Fukuyama President


First, I am feeling grateful and thanks for everyone’s daily sympathy and support to activities of JCI Fukuyama.

The beginning of Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama was 2014.The program will be the third time this year, 2016.In this program, the JCI Fukuyama invites children to Fukuyama from Asia nations.The children from Asia nations will experience many cultural exchange programs with the children of Fukuyama.The communication between different language and culture promotes better mutual understanding and develops global sensation.

The JCI Fukuyama provides this opportunity every year in Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama.Many citizens of Fukuyama will participate in the program by volunteers.The JCI Fukuyama is challenging human resource cultivation of local patriotism and mutual understanding.The decreasing birthrate and aging population is moving fast in Japan.

The human resource development of global community activation is very important for local town and city.The Asia Youth Exchange Program 2016 in Fukuyama will be held by working together of regional community and citizens.The JCI Fukuyama has many achievement results from past years.The program will improve children’s ability and skill.

Again, I appreciate and feel thanks for all cooperation and support to Asia Youth Exchange Program 2016 in Fukuyama.


  2016JCI Fukuyama President

Haruki Monden