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Fukuyama Program

FUKUYAMA program will provide children to learn history and culture of Fukuyama city by visiting one of the most attractive area of our city, Tomonoura. This is experience based program which children need to participate actively and enjoy themselves.

Whats’ Tomonoura!!

Sea bream fish cake making experience
Children will experience fish cake making in Tomonoura. Fish cake using fresh and delicious sea bream caught from Seto inland sea is one of the delicacies of Tomonoura, and children can enjoy them not only by eating but also making them!

Tomonoura Aiya-bushi song and drum beating experience
Aiya-bushi song is one of the traditional performing arts of Tomonoura, and children will enjoy the song by dancing and beating drums together with locals from Tomonoura for them to learn traditional culture with some fun!

Tasting of iced Uzumi
Uzumi is rice dish and it is one of the local cuisine of Fukuyama. Children will try out iced Uzumi to enjoy on hot summer day!

Scenery of Tomonoura
Children will visit Taicyourou building to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Tomonoura. Taicyourou building is a reception hall which is located next to main hall of Fukuzenji temple that was built sometime around 1690, and it is officially designated as a historical site. View of the ocean from the room of Taicyourou is just amazing. Let’s take keepsake picture together with this great and historical view behind us!