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School visit Program

Content of school visit program
It will be a wonderful opportunity for the children from Japan to foster international sensibility by spending a day with children from overseas. Children from overseas will experience Japanese school life to feel its uniqueness and bring it back to their home country. Content of school visit program will consist with welcome ceremony, orientation, lunch, break, cleaning and farewell ceremony.

Children from Japan
Children from Japan will take 4 class lessons prior to the school visit program. During those classes, children will learn about their hometown Fukuyama for them to be able to explain to the children from overseas. Also, they will research about countries of the overseas children for them to have more interest in each country and to foster international sensibility as well.

Children from overseas
Children from overseas will research about Fukuyama city, Japanese school and Japanese lifestyle. Also, they will prepare presentation on their country and their lifestyle such as their favorite games to play.