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What’s JCI Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama

JCI Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama is an international exchange program to contribute to world prosperity and world peace. Children around Asia get together in Fukuyama to experience international understanding and encourage friendship through international exchange. Last year JCI Fukuyama invited 50 children from Asian countries. In this year, 2016, JCI Fukuyama will invite about 60 children from Asian countries , Europe and Africa. Our international exchange program will be held for 7 days, from July 19rd to July 25th, 2016, in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima prefecture, with the same theme of 2014“Shine our Future, ~Let’s fill the world with smile ~.“This international program aims to foster children who are innocent and free from prejudice to accept diversity from a fellow human being standpoint by sharing the experiences to overcome differences among nationalities, religions, and cultures. Staying with children in the same generation for a few days under the same roof will allow them to share a lot of time and establish cross-border friendship. That communication among many kinds of cultures and historical backgrounds will let people notice their caring heart ‘OMOIYARI’ and create the world full of big smiles. Let’s connect our passion to realize our better world, and shine our future. Our goal is to “make the world full of smiles” by fostering “children accepting diversity” through youth international exchange.

About JCI Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama   

ThisJCI Asia Youth Exchange Program in Fukuyama provides children from foreign countries with a 5-day program while they live under the same roof. This program will lead their mutual understanding having opportunities to feel differences among countries through sessions such as Summer Camp Program, Fukuyama Culture Experience Program, homestay, School Visiting Program, and so on.