2018 JCI Fukuyama
President Greeting


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support to JCI Fukuyama.(Junior Chamber International Fukuyama)

We would also like to express our highest appreciation for your deep understanding and warm support of our activities, including “Fukuyama international youth academy” in which the children from 11 countries came to Fukuyama for international exchange.

We have acted for sustainable development of the region for the future of Fukuyama. JCI Fukuyama will conduct program such as to promote Fukuyama to be chosen bypeople in and outside Japan and to develop “authentic international person”, based on the theme of this year “With high motive~Act for the community and people~”. We keep trying for “Community Development” and “Human Resource Development” with our sensitivity as junior economic persons.

We welcome opinions and messages to our programs and the organization to be necessary for the community.

It would be greatly appreciated if we could have unchanged support and understanding.

Junior Chamber International
Fukuyama President of 2018
Daigo Sato