2018 JCI Fukuyama
President Greeting


Ⅰ.Community Development

  • 1.Promote Fukuyama to be selected as an independent intermediary body.
  • 2.Deliver information of attraction of Fukuyama for the future.
  • 3.Activate community by actively participating festivals.
  • 4.Promote attractive regional partnership.

Ⅱ.Human resource development

  • 1.Develop Jaycee of next generation with high will.
  • 2.Develop true international persons with the pride of the region.

Ⅲ.Organization development

  • 1.Promote Membership enlargement that leads to enhancement of Organization foundation.
  • 2.Promote exchange program to value gratitude.
  • 3.Provide precise information timely.
  • 4.Promote sophisticated monthly meeting and conference operation

《Activities by Executive Committees》

  • 1.Romantic Route 313
  • 2.Membership enlargement
  • 3.Rose festival, Summer festival

《Activities by Commission》

  • 1.Public Relations Commission

《External Activities participated as LOM》

  • 1.Kyoto Conference (Kyoto)
  • 2.ASPAC(Kagoshima)
  • 3.Summer Conference (Yokohama)
  • 4.Chugoku Regional Conference(Tottori)
  • 5.Hiroshima Block Member Conference(Mihara)
  • 6.The 67th National Convention(Miyazaki)
  • 7.JCI World Congress(India, Goa)
  • 8.Activities organized by JCI, JCI Japan, Regional and Block